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New guide about preventing bird collisions with windows available

bird collisions with windows
Illustration by BNP Design Studio/Shutterstock

A “Consumer Guide to Bird Window Collision Prevention” was released this week to help consumers prevent the deaths of more than 100 million birds that die each year hitting residential windows – an average of two per home and four per home if birds are fed in the yard. After cat predation, window strikes are the largest cause of avoidable bird deaths. The guide can be downloaded from

Jim Cubie, the guide’s author, says that consumers are confused about what works, what does not, what options they have, how much solutions cost, and if installing a window collision prevention system will affect the view out their windows.

“This guide describes each of the scientifically proven options, how to make a DIY version of each and compares the cost of each system – including the option of handyman installation,” he says. “The options are those approved by the American Bird Conservancy. They all meet the 4” by 2” spacing standard to provide full coverage of deadly glass.”

The free 27-page guide includes photos comparing a window with and without a system installed. It compares their effectiveness, their durability, and ease of installation. It also addresses practical concerns such as window washing and how to install collision prevention on sliding glass doors.

Dr. Daniel Klem, the leading bird window collision expert, called the guide “impressive” and Dr. Drew Lanham, the author of several books and the Birding While Black blog, said it provides “great information.”

A video version of the guide is here.


A one-page “Quick Tips” helps readers choose a system based on their primary concern: effectiveness, cost, or ease of installation. It links directly to the Consumer Guide so that a person who wants the cheapest system, for example, can go directly to the page in the Guide that describes that option.

Cubie also has a video in which his neighbors describe how they feel about the bird window collision prevention system they have installed. 

Cubie is a retired attorney who began his career working for consumer advocate Ralph Nader. He also served as chief counsel of the U.S. Senate’s Agriculture Committee. He has installed all the systems numerous times.


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