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20 years of Birder’s World magazine covers

See all 120 of our covers featuring more than 80 different species of birds.
Published: 10/23/2006

How time flies when you’re having fun! We’re 20 years old! To celebrate, we’ve put each one of our 120 covers below. They’re organized by year; the most recent are on top. Text beneath each year identifies each cover bird and the photographer who snapped the picture. Click on any cover to view a year in a big, separate window.

And please let us know what you think! Choose your favorite year of covers, or even a favorite individual cover, and tell us why you like it in our forum.



February Mourning Dove by Ernie Mastroianni. April Allen’s Hummingbird by Anthony Mercieca. June Painted Bunting by John Van de Graaff. August American Goldfinch by Maslowski Photo. October Black-and-white Warbler by Fernando Cerra. December Northern Hawk Owl by Brian E. Small.



February Roseate Spoonbill by Arthur Morris. April Eastern Bluebird by Johann Schumacher. June Eastern Meadowlark by T. Douglas Rodda. August Ivory-billed Woodpecker by John James Audubon. October Sanderling by Richard Crossley. December Great Horned Owl by Richard Day.



February House Finch by Edwin G.A. Willcox. April Western Meadowlark by Gary Bergquist. June Lazuli Bunting by John Sorenson. August Buff-bellied Hummingbird by Cliff Beittel. October Keel-billed Toucan by Christian Ziegler. December Northern Cardinal by Richard Day.



February Apapane by Peter LaTourrette. April Baltimore Oriole by Larry Ditto. June American Goldfinch by John R. Ford. August Cedar Waxwing by Anita M. Weiner. October Cooper’s Hawk by Glenn Hayes. December Northern Cardinal by John Gill.



February Common Redpoll by Bill Marchel. April Indigo Bunting by Marie Read. June Royal Albatross by Kevin Schafer. August Common Loon by John R. Ford. October Scissor-tailed Flycatcher by Mark and Sue Werner. December Black-capped Chickadee by Robert McCaw.



February Northern Cardinal by Steve Gettle. April Eastern Bluebird by Connie Toops. June Snowy Plover by Robert Pailes. August Snowy Egret by Tom Vezo. October Baltimore Oriole by Anthony Mercieca. December Snowy Owl by Edwin G. A. Willcox.



February Northern Flicker by Donald Jones. April Indigo Bunting by Tom Vezo. June Cedar Waxwing by Bob MacDonnell. August Anna’s Hummingbird by Hugh P. Smith Jr. October Red-breasted Nuthatch by Marie Read. December Black-capped Chickadee by Carl R. Sams II.



February Aplomado Falcon by Larry Ditto. April Rose-breasted Grosbeak by Brian E. Small. June Piping Plover by Paul J. Fusco. August Atlantic Puffin by Tom Vezo. October Blue Jay by Marie Read. December Barred Owl by Tom Vezo.



February Northern Cardinal by Jim Roetzel. April Eastern Bluebird by Gay Bumgarner. June Scarlet Tanager by Rob Simpson. August Rufous Hummingbird by Edwin G. A. Willcox. October Bald Eagle by Jeffrey Rich. December Black-capped Chickadee by Steve Gettle.



February Rufous Hummingbird by Charles Volkland. April Baltimore Oriole by Bill Marchel. June King Penguins by Tui De Roy. August American Goldfinch by Pat Looi. October Red-bellied Woodpecker by George E. Stewart. December Mourning Dove by Anthony Mercieca.



February American Tree Sparrow by Geroge E. Stewart. April Rufous Hummingbird by Edwin G. A. Willcox. June Common Yellowthroat by Rick and Nora Bowers. August Common Loon by Carl R. Sams II. October Willet by Arthur Morris. December Northern Cardinal by George E. Stewart.



February Tufted Titmouse by George E. Stewart. April Mountain Bluebirds by Jeff Vanuga. June House Wren by Gay Bumgarner. August California Quail by Art Wolfe. October Great Egrets by Brian Kenney. December Evening Grosbeak by George Stewart.



February Downy Woodpecker by George E. Stewart. April Tufted Puffins by Roger Tory Peterson. June Belted Kingfisher by Marie Read. August Wood Duck by Donna Aitkenhead. October Trumpeter Swan by Henry H. Holdsworth. December Northern Cardinal by Adam Jones.



February Great Gray Owl by Rod Planck. April Great Blue Heron by Darrell Gulin. June Indigo Bunting by Dave Maslowski. August Emperor Penguins by Art Wolfe. October Anhinga by Brian Kenney. December Willow Ptarmigan by Henry H. Holdsworth.



February Horned Puffins by Henry H. Holdsworth. April Northern Flicker by Arthur Morris. June Burrowing Owl by Bryan S. Munn. August Great Egret by James H. Robinson. October American Goldfinch by George E. Stewart. December Red-breasted Nuthatch by John R. Ford.



February Dark-eyed Junco by Marie Read. April Eastern Bluebird by Jim Battles. June Cedar Waxwing by Wayne Lankinen. August Black Oystercatcher by John Hyde. October American Kestrel by George E. Stewart. December California Condor by Anthony Mercieca.



February Northern Cardinal by Jim Messina. April Tree Swallow by Jim Battles. June Western Grebe by Keith Szafranski. August Brown Pelican by Thomas D. Mangelsen. October Western Tanager by Tom J. Ulrich. December Great Horned Owl by George E. Stewart.



February White-breasted Nuthatch by Carl R. Sams II. April American Avocet by Steven H. Vaughan. June Eastern Meadowlark by Dave and Steve Maslowski. August Bald Eagle by Don Simonelli. October Common Moorhen by John Shaw. December Black-capped Chickadee by Tom Schneider.



February Northern Cardinal by Carl R. Sams II. April Blue-winged Teal by David McEwan. June Costa’s Hummingbird by Jack Wilburn. August Great Egret by John Shaw. October Yellow-headed Blackbird by Neal Mishler. December Blue Jay by Sharon Cummings.



February Evening Grosbeak by John Shaw. April Canada Goose by Carl R. Sams II. June Atlantic Puffin by James Brandenburg. August Blue Grouse by Harry Engels. October Prothonotary Warbler by Carl R. Sams II. December Wild Turkey by Pat Powell.