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Downy Woodpeckers

11/21/2016 | 0

A pair of downy woodpeckers politely wait for their turn at the suet feeder. Backyard, Lincoln, MA, November 2016

Great Blue Heron

9/30/2016 | 0

A Great Blue Heron waiting patiently for a fish at a cove on the Charles River in Waltham, MA. 27 … Read More

Northern Flickers

9/30/2016 | 0

A tender moment between two Northern Flickers in Waltham, MA. 29 September, 2016.

Northern Flicker

9/30/2016 | 0

Northern Flicker on an old maple at a cemetery in Waltham, MA.

Bald Eagle

9/12/2016 | 0

A beloved eaglet I’ve following since its birth – it is now 4 months old and thriving. We are so … Read More