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House Wren

5/19/2017 | 0

A house wren trying to take a large stick into a bird house

Tree Swallow

5/19/2017 | 0

This gorgeous tree swallow sat long enough for me to photograph it at a nearby farm. 18 May, 2017 at … Read More

Northern Flicker

5/11/2017 | 1

This Northern flicker was seen going in and out of a knot hole on a dead tree in a marsh … Read More

Northern Mockingbird

5/3/2017 | 0

The beloved mockingbirds have been at our suet feeders frequently. There might be a nest nearby. Lincoln,MA

Great Blue Heron

5/3/2017 | 0

The great blue herons are back at the rookery nearby and are busy building and sitting in their nests. Soon … Read More

Hairy Woodpecker

5/3/2017 | 0

This happy Hairy Woodpecker has been drumming away on all our trees in the backyard, then takes a break at … Read More

Common Eider

4/29/2017 | 0

Male common eider at Gloucester Harbor, April, 2017