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Rufous Hummingbird

10/24/2013 | 0

My hummers love each of the five birdbaths around our gardens. This young male jumped right in and really cleaned … Read More

Dark-eyed Junco

10/17/2013 | 0

Finally these juncos are beginning to arrive for their fall/winter stay. I used a Canon 7D, a Canon 300 f/4 … Read More

Northern Flicker

10/2/2013 | 0

This flicker was headed for the fruit trees. I used a Canon 7D, Canon 300 f/4 and Kenko 1.4 t.c.

American Goldfinch

9/23/2013 | 0

I was glad to see the goldfinches enjoying the seeds in my dried blooms. I used a Canon 7D, Canon … Read More

Northern Flicker

9/23/2013 | 0

I planted this vine just to get photos like this one. I used a Canon 7D, Canon 300 f/4 and … Read More

California Towhee

8/23/2013 | 0

This bird seemed interested in the loud click of my camera. I used a Canon 7D with a Canon 100-400 … Read More