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Brown Pelican

3/19/2016 | 0

In March 2015, I visited a family in Punta Gorda, Florida. During that time I decided it was time to … Read More

Wood Ducks

3/14/2016 | 0

Through the Fog – First Woodies of 2016: Just a week ago the pond was mostly frozen. But it has … Read More

Hooded Merganser

3/14/2016 | 0

I have only seen drake Hooded Mergansers on Brick Pond Wetland Preserve from a distance during the winter and for … Read More

Wood Duck

3/9/2016 | 0

Reflections of a Hen Wood Duck. Photographed from a blind, far off the beaten trail, on the second week after … Read More

Wood Duck

2/26/2016 | 0

A young Wood Duck flaps its tiny wings to clear excess water after bathing. The dark spot on its cheek … Read More

Belted Kingfisher

2/10/2016 | 0

Male Belted Kingfisher showing his tongue. I had watched and listened all spring and summer and I was pretty sure … Read More

Cactus Wren

1/28/2016 | 0

Cactus Wren perched on a Cholla Cactus in the Sonoran desert. Photographed at Lost Dutchman State Park in the Superstition … Read More