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Bullock’s Oriole

5/13/2014 | 0

A Bullock’s Oriole checking out apple blossoms in the early morning during a May snowfall in the plains of Falcon, … Read More

Cooper’s Hawk

8/8/2013 | 0

This young Cooper’s Hawk photo was taken mid-day in a forested yard (Monument, CO) with many bird feeders. His beak … Read More

Greater Sage-Grouse

7/23/2013 | 0

This photo was taken in the early morning after a light snowfall on a lek near Walden, Colorado inside a … Read More

American Robin

7/13/2013 | 0

My wife and I bought 10,000 live mealworms to feed the local robins in Peyton, Colorado, while they have babies … Read More

Western Bluebirds

6/25/2013 | 0

A Pygmy Nuthatch had just landed and knocked a few times on this nest box. Both the male and female … Read More