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Ring-billed Gull

1/9/2015 | 0

This picture was taken in the Von’s parking lot in Sun City, Ca.

Northern Harrier

2/9/2014 | 0

At Lake Skinner, Ca. I snapped this photo of a northern harrier. Nikon D70, Nikkor 70-300 lens. F5.6 1/1000 sec

Song Sparrow

12/20/2013 | 0

Picture of this cute little Song Sparrow was taken at Lake Skinner,Ca. It kept trying to steal my worms while … Read More

Great-tailed Grackle

12/8/2013 | 0

This photo was taken 11-14-13 at 2:45pm with Nikon D70 70-300. f/8-1/500sec. no flash. At lake skinner,ca.

Double-crested Cormorant

12/8/2013 | 0

this photo was taken in Menifee, Ca. with aNikon D70 and Nikkor 70-300 lens.F-stop f/5.6 Exposure time 1/500. Focal length300mm … Read More

Great Egret

12/8/2013 | 0

Photo taken at 11:17am -12/2/13 -Lake Skinner, Winchester, Ca. Nikon D70 -70-300 lens F/8-1/2000sec.aperture priority -2stops

Blue-footed Boobies

12/6/2013 | 0

Photo taken at Lake Skinner in Winchester, Ca. on 12-2-2013. Time of day was in the morning. Weather was in … Read More