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Tawny Frogmouth

8/20/2017 | 0

Lucky to spot this Tawny Frogmouth sitting on a branch beside the road. The Tawny is native to Australia.

Red-winged Parrot

10/24/2015 | 0

Australian Red-winged Parrot: these birds are seen on the East Coast, and also are found in Southern New Guinea. They … Read More

Australian Galah

10/24/2015 | 0

The Australian Galah is easily identified with its rose pink head, neck and underparts, with paler pink crown, and grey … Read More

Grey-crowned Babblers

2/14/2015 | 0

The babblers are highly noisy and very active little birds. This pair were enjoying the puddle of water after a … Read More

Variegated Fairy-Wrens

7/31/2014 | 0

Endemic to Australia. This pair of male and female Veriegated Fairy-wrens are non-breeding due to the lack of colour in … Read More

Jacky Winter

7/31/2014 | 0

In Australia, Jacky Winters usually live in pairs and are generally regarded as being sedentary, occupying territories of 10 – … Read More

Pacific Gull

7/26/2014 | 0

The Pacific Gull is endemic to Southern Australia. Characterized by a massive, red-tipped bill, adults are white with black wings … Read More