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Nashville Warbler

5/19/2016 | 0

A male Nashville Warbler, showing the sometimes-seen chestnut red patch on the head, perched in our Wausau backyard chokeberry bush … Read More

Swainson’s Thrush

5/15/2016 | 0

This Swainson’s Thrush stopped by our northcentral Wisconsin backyard on its way north and spent most of the afternoon appropriately … Read More

Broad-winged Hawk

5/3/2016 | 0

A Broad-winged Hawk, back in northern Wisconsin for the Spring and Summer, holds a freshly-caught snake. For the hand-held photograph … Read More

Rough-legged Hawk

3/25/2016 | 0

This Rough-legged Hawk spent some time on the first full day of Spring perching and soaring in northcentral Wisconsin’s Mead … Read More

Northern Goshawk

3/13/2016 | 0

An immature Northern Goshawk took a brief break from hunting and perched briefly on a cloudy, early March day in … Read More

Cooper’s Hawk

3/4/2016 | 0

A juvenile Cooper’s Hawk appears to study its freshly-caught prey, a Mourning Dove, near our home in northcentral Wisconsin. For … Read More

Red-tailed Hawk

2/5/2016 | 0

A juvenile Red-tailed Hawk perched calmly at the edge of a forested area west of Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. For the … Read More

Cooper’s Hawk

1/30/2016 | 0

A young Cooper’s Hawk lifts a foot from its hold on a Mourning Dove that it had taken in our … Read More