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Little Blue Heron

6/26/2013 | 0

A rare sight for me – a Little Blue Heron morphing into his beautiful blue! Photograph taken at the Merritt … Read More

Red-bellied Woodpecker

6/26/2013 | 0

Spent a few very warm hours on Peacock Pocket at the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge in Central Florida. Caught … Read More

Florida Scrub-Jay

6/12/2013 | 0

Wonderful treat this morning at Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge in Merritt Island, Florida! A Florida Scrub-Jay and her baby! … Read More

Snowy Egret

6/9/2013 | 0

Another photo from my backyard pond in Central Florida. Probably my favorite bird to photograph, the Snowy Egret is simply … Read More

Wood Ducks

6/9/2013 | 1

I am very fortunate to live in Central Florida with a pond in our backyard. One of my favorite visitors … Read More

Red-shouldered Hawk

6/8/2013 | 0

I have a great respect for hawks. The Red-shouldered hawk is quite prevalent in the Central Florida area. This one … Read More

Florida Scrub-Jay

6/2/2013 | 0

As a Floridian, it is quite special to spot the threatened Florida Scrub-Jay (the only bird endemic to the state … Read More

Summer Tanager

6/2/2013 | 0

I was thrilled to see this summer tanager at Wekiwa Springs State Park in Central Florida in May 2013. I … Read More