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Resplendant Quetzal

8/27/2013 | 1

I guess this close up is one many avian photographer’s dream of taking. I had stopped for a coffee at … Read More

Brown Pelican

8/27/2013 | 0

Captured fishing off the beach at Matapalo, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica. There were about a dozen Pelicans and hundreds of … Read More

Grey-headed Chacalaca

8/27/2013 | 0

Captured in Balboa, Panama in 2011. A family group of these noisy “turkey sized” birds passed through the garden of … Read More

Lesser Kestrel

8/25/2013 | 0

A Lesser Kestrel cuts through the air at speed, bringing a meal to its brood of two. Captured at the … Read More

Great Curassow

8/21/2013 | 3

Taken from a small boat as I was taken around the backwaters of the Tortuguero River system on Costa Rica’s … Read More

Great Bustard

8/15/2013 | 0

This female Great Bustard (Otis tarda) was captured from my parked car window as I drove along the road to … Read More