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Tree Swallow

5/7/2015 | 0

Tree Swallow perches atop a prospective nest site.

Baltimore Oriole

5/7/2015 | 0

Male adult Oriole just arrived at a friend’s feeders.

Eastern Phoebe

5/7/2015 | 0

Phoebe at a friend’s yard in central NY. FOS image.

Caspian Terns

5/1/2015 | 0

Caspian Terns have returned to the Jamesville reservoir.

Chipping Sparrow

5/1/2015 | 1

FOS Chipping Sparrow heard trilling last Sunday near Jamesville NY while walking our dog.


4/15/2015 | 0

FOS Killdeer on the ground feeding at Syracuse NY.