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Eastern Phoebe

6/5/2017 | 0

Eastern Phoebe with food in her bill to feed nearby young.

Red-tailed Hawk

6/5/2017 | 0

Last year’s brood on the hunt in Syracuse. See the bright eyes?

House Finch

5/3/2017 | 0

Male House Finch at Mexico NY. Imaged with Canon SX 30 IS.


4/26/2017 | 0

Osprey perched in late afternoon at Syracuse lakefront.

American Tree Sparrow

4/21/2017 | 0

American Tree Sparrow found in brush along a highway near Marcellus NY in early spring.

Rusty Blackbird

4/21/2017 | 0

Rusty Blackbird at Dewitt NY along I-481, 1 of a number flocking over wetland.