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American Goldfinches

11/1/2013 | 0

A pair of goldfinches patiently waiting their turn at the thistle bag.

Pileated Woodpecker

10/27/2013 | 0

As I was walking along the Springwater Trail in Portland, Oregon I saw this woodpecker eating the apples from this … Read More


10/18/2013 | 0

For several weeks during the summer I watched a pair of killdeers pacing, squawking, and flying around as if they … Read More

American Goldfinch

10/14/2013 | 0

At the end of summer I put out some thistle bags along with suet feeders in hopes of attracting more … Read More

Cooper’s Hawk

10/14/2013 | 0

I captured this photograph of a juvenile Cooper’s Hawk just after it took off from its perch.


10/12/2013 | 1

I photographed this hen mallard as she was hiding in the reeds or so she thought.


10/10/2013 | 0

A killdeer protecting her nest amongst the lilies.