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Belted Kingfisher

4/17/2017 | 0

This male Belted Kingfisher apparently hit this small fish so hard that it appears his lower mandible impaled the fish. … Read More

Belted Kingfisher

11/1/2016 | 0

This male Belted Kingfisher was photographed just as he was landing on a perch.

Green Jay

5/25/2016 | 0

This Green Jay at Laguna Seca Ranch in the lower Rio Grande Valley caught my attention as he sipped water … Read More

Audubon’s Orioles

3/2/2016 | 0

While visiting Laguna Seca Ranch in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of S. Texas, a pair of Audubon’s Orioles appeared. … Read More

Belted Kingfisher

11/25/2015 | 0

I live on a neighborhood lake with a few other houses. So years ago I set up a perch in … Read More


4/28/2015 | 0

Photographed at the Ritch Grissom Memorial Wetlands in Viera, Florida.

Orchard Oriole

4/27/2015 | 0

I kept seeing several Orchard Orioles visiting the blooms on my Red Hot Poker plants. So I got under my … Read More

Red-bellied Woodpecker

1/16/2015 | 0

Equipment used: Canon 1DX body and Canon 300 f/2.8 lens. Canon Speedlight 580 for fill flash. Also used my Kiwk … Read More