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House Sparrow

11/21/2013 | 0

I’m fortunate to have many friends who know I’m an avid birder/photographer, so when this young albino house sparrow showed up … Read More

Northern Wheatear

10/23/2013 | 0

This Northern Wheatear has been present at URI’s Peckham Farm in Kingston R.I. for the past five days, or so. … Read More

Northern Wheatear

10/21/2013 | 0

Here is a better cropped photo of Northern Wheatear being seen last two days at Peckham Farm, URI, in Kingston, … Read More

Northern Wheatear

10/19/2013 | 0

This bird was found today 10/19/2013 at Peckham Farm at the University of Rhode Island, after seeing a posting on … Read More

King Eider

5/18/2013 | 0

What a treat to see this subadult King Eider on May 16, 2013 at Napatree Point, R.I. Quite late, and … Read More

Eurasian Teal

4/10/2013 | 0

This Eurasian Teal (a subspecies of Green-winged Teal, known as Common Teal in Europe) was found at a farm pond … Read More

Sandhill Crane

1/29/2013 | 2

This Sandhill Crane was found at Seapowet Marsh in Tiverton R.I. 01-27-13, by Majorie Bradley.  A rare visitor for us … Read More

Pine Grosbeak

12/29/2012 | 0

A few of these birds showed up this past week at #885 Main St., Burrville, R.I., so not seeing this … Read More