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Great Gray Owl

3/20/2017 | 0

Great Gray Owl actively hunting in southern Ontario 19 March 2017.

Great Gray Owl

3/13/2017 | 0

Sun sets on a Great Gray Owl in southern Ontario 12 March 2017.

Great Gray Owl

3/12/2017 | 0

Great Gray Owl’s silent and deadly flight as it hunts just after the sun has set in southern, Ontario.

Great Gray Owl

3/10/2017 | 0

This Great Gray Owl lefts its roost just after the sunset and began its evening hunt. It hovered on this … Read More

Great Gray Owl

3/8/2017 | 0

Great Gray Owl emerged from its roost as the sun was setting in Kingston, Ontario.

Great Gray Owl

2/25/2017 | 0

Dark and rainy day for a shoot in southern Ontario, Canada 25 Feb 2017.

Northern Saw-whet Owl

2/22/2017 | 0

Nature’s tiny treasure. Loyalist Township in Lennox and Addington County, Ontario 17 Feb 2017.

Canada x Snow Goose

2/19/2017 | 1

I had a tricky time trying to ID this one. Bath, Ontario, 18 Feb 2017.