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Northern Saw-whet Owl

2/22/2017 | 0

Nature’s tiny treasure. Loyalist Township in Lennox and Addington County, Ontario 17 Feb 2017.

Canada x Snow Goose

2/19/2017 | 1

I had a tricky time trying to ID this one. Bath, Ontario, 18 Feb 2017.

Great Gray Owl

2/7/2017 | 0

Great Gray Owl watches and listens for any movement under the deep snow.

Great Gray Owl

2/7/2017 | 0

Great Gray Owls have arrived in southern Ontario this winter after a long absence.

Great Gray Owl

2/5/2017 | 0

Great Gray Owl surveys its surroundings in southern Ontario, Feb 2017.

Great Gray Owl

2/4/2017 | 0

Portrait shot of a Great Gray Owl. They have showed up recently after quite a few years of absence.

Great Gray Owl

2/2/2017 | 0

Quite dark overall plumage on this Great Gray Owl photographed in the Kingston Region of southern Ontario, 2 Feb 2017.

Northern Shoveler

1/7/2017 | 0

Normally this species would have migrated by now, but this lone hardy male continues to stay on Lake Ontario in … Read More