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Horned Lark

3/9/2016 | 0

This male was feeding on a golf course west of London, Ontario. I spent an hour waiting for the bird … Read More

American Tree Sparrow

2/15/2016 | 0

The only species that visits our backyard lately – it was -20C … London, Ontario Canon 7D + 300mm f/2.8 … Read More

Wood Stork

1/26/2016 | 0

Viera Wetlands, near Melbourne FLA Feb. 2015 Canon 7D -300mm f/2.8 + 1.4 telex

Island Scrub-Jay

1/15/2016 | 0

note the leg bands on this endemic bird- Santa Cruz Island off California coast (near Ventura)

Island Scrub-Jay

1/15/2016 | 0

Santa Cruz Island off the coast of California (near Ventura) the endemic scrub-jay was not hard to find but difficult … Read More