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Common Grackle

4/8/2018 | 0

I get many grackles in my yard daily. But this was the first sighting of this beauty! I have never … Read More

Dark-eyed Junco

3/11/2018 | 0

Love these little birds! They make me smile with their little noises. Henry County, IL

Snowy Owl

3/11/2018 | 0

Another snowy near my hometown! Loved seeing this beauty early one morning! He seemed comfortable with me taking his picture. … Read More

Snowy Owl

2/25/2018 | 1

This beauty was spotted about 10 miles from my home. 2-21-18 I live in Illinois about 2 hours west of … Read More

Northern Flicker

2/9/2018 | 0

Absolutely love seeing these beauties in my backyard at my feeders! Geneseo, IL 2-8-18

House Sparrow

1/11/2018 | 3

Though the House Sparrows are common around here and very plentiful I still find them very beautiful and love to … Read More

Red-breasted Nuthatch

12/29/2017 | 0

While watching this sweet red breasted nuthatch fly back and forth from the feeder to the tree, I snapped a … Read More