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Northern Flicker

2/9/2018 | 0

Absolutely love seeing these beauties in my backyard at my feeders! Geneseo, IL 2-8-18

House Sparrow

1/11/2018 | 2

Though the House Sparrows are common around here and very plentiful I still find them very beautiful and love to … Read More

Red-breasted Nuthatch

12/29/2017 | 0

While watching this sweet red breasted nuthatch fly back and forth from the feeder to the tree, I snapped a … Read More

Red-bellied Woodpecker

12/27/2017 | 0

The red-bellied woodpeckers were loving my feeder on Christmas Day! Photo taken in Geneseo, IL

Northern Cardinal

12/27/2017 | 0

Christmas Eve brought snow to my little town in illinois (geneseo). And the birds all looked amazing with the snow … Read More

Palm Warbler

12/21/2017 | 0

Photo taken next to a stream in Lakeland, FL. The palm warblers didn’t have a care in the world that … Read More


12/21/2017 | 0

Photo was taken in Lakeland, FL at a reserve. Loved seeing these beauties with their wings out-stretched as if they … Read More