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Common Redpoll

10/31/2017 | 0

Lone Redpoll chilling in a tree in the U.P.

Blue Jay

10/31/2017 | 0

Blue Jay candy corn (corn feeder for deer made out of pluming drain pipes) 😉

Pine Siskin

10/25/2017 | 0

One lone Siskin may just tough out our U.P. winter since he’s been hanging out often now.

Black-capped Chickadee

10/25/2017 | 0

With a very high wind warning off of Lake Superior…our Chickadees are sticking to the suet today

Purple Finch

10/17/2017 | 0

Couldn’t resist submitting a close up of this colorful guy who just may stick around this winter. A few always … Read More