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Ruby-crowned Kinglet

2/6/2018 | 0

A Ruby-crowned Kinglet displays some of his vibrant crown as he traverses a branch at Horn Pond, Woburn, MA. Mottled … Read More

Harlequin Duck

2/1/2018 | 0

On a recent visit to Cape Ann’s coastline, the tide was on its way out and created some great viewing … Read More


2/1/2018 | 0

Whether they are floating on the ocean or flying up and down the coastline, the iridescent colors of the Bufflehead … Read More

Hooded Merganser

1/9/2018 | 0

My view of this Hooded Merganser drake came on a frigid winter day at a very small pond in my … Read More

Red-breasted Merganser

12/19/2017 | 0

A Red-breasted Merganser slices through the air at top speed at Andrews Point, Rockport MA. This species as well as … Read More

Harlequin Duck

11/20/2017 | 0

On a recent visit to Cape Ann, I confirmed that Harlequin ducks have indeed returned for yet another winter. Several … Read More

American Coots

11/13/2017 | 0

A pair of American Coots maneuver through some of the exposed mud flats of Horn Pond, Woburn, MA. I photographed … Read More


11/13/2017 | 0

A Gadwall drake stands out prominently against a background of fall colors at Horn Pond, Woburn, MA. I photographed this … Read More