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Great Blue Heron

8/16/2013 | 0

I photographed this Great Blue Heron just before sunrise when the earth’s shadow was still visible on the horizon. Fort … Read More

Tree Swallow

8/16/2013 | 2

June was a busy time for nesting Tree Swallows in southwestern Montana. This bird was bringing in nesting materials to … Read More

Barn Owl

8/16/2013 | 2

Takne this past January, our winter caused harsh conditions that forced the Barn Owls in my area to fly during … Read More

Western Kingbird

8/15/2013 | 2

At the beginning of this month I photographed thus juvenile Western Kingbird while on my way to Bear River Migratory … Read More

Great Horned Owl

8/15/2013 | 2

I photographed this Great Horned Owl fledgling in 2010 in Glacier County, Montana as it rested in the window of … Read More

Ferruginous Hawk

8/15/2013 | 0

I photographed this dark morph Ferruginous Hawk yesterday in Box Elder County, Utah not long after it lifted off from … Read More

Barn Swallow

8/8/2013 | 0

This Barn Swallow was photographed on Antelope Island State Park in July. Their numbers are increasing now as they fatten … Read More

Red-tailed Hawk

8/8/2013 | 0

When this adult Red-tailed Hawk flew in close to me in southwestern Montana last month I couldn’t resist photographing it. … Read More