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Northern Harrier

6/27/2016 | 0

A female Northern Harrier taken in a local park. I am so pleased that our city has naturalized parks so … Read More

American Wigeon

6/25/2016 | 0

An image of a female wigeon taken this spring at a local pond.


6/25/2016 | 0

On Wednesday when I was driving along a country road very early in the morning, I spotted this Merlin. He … Read More

Northern Shoveler

6/21/2016 | 0

This shot of a male Northern Shoveler was taken a few weeks ago. It was taken in a local park. … Read More

Common Yellowthroat

6/21/2016 | 0

I found this Common Yellowthroat at a local park. This park is in a new development but the city kept … Read More

Red-naped Sapsuckers

6/20/2016 | 0

This pair of Red-naped Sapsuckers were feeding young. One adult would arrive at the nest and wait for the other … Read More

Red-naped Sapsucker

6/20/2016 | 0

This female Red-naped Sapsucker had circled the tree with holes. She then went around the tree visiting the holes. I … Read More