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Yellow Warblers

5/18/2018 | 0

Two male Yellow Warblers in my backyard on their migration journey through Temecula, CA.

Yellow Warbler

5/18/2018 | 0

Male Yellow Warbler stopping to take a bath in my backyard on his migration trip through Temecula, CA.

Nashville Warbler

10/1/2017 | 0

With the drought over here in Southern California, the current fall migration produced the most visiting warblers I’ve ever had … Read More

Wilson’s Warbler

10/1/2017 | 0

During the last couple of migrating seasons, I had very few warblers in my yard due to the severe drought … Read More

Western Bluebirds

5/31/2017 | 0

Male western bluebird giving bathing instructions to young one.