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Eastern Bluebirds

8/16/2018 | 0

Female Eastern bluebird feeding mealworms to a fledgling

Prothonotary Warbler

5/29/2018 | 0

Male Prothonotary warbler. Pair is using a nestbox near Montezuma NWR, New York. Canon 7d Mark ii, Canon 100-400mm lens

Horned Grebe

5/6/2018 | 0

Horned grebe in breeding plumage, Canandaigua NY. Taken 4/26 Canon 7d mark ii, Canon 100-400mm lens

Gray Jay

3/3/2018 | 0

5 Gray jays were seen in the Adirondacks, NY in Feb.

Pileated Woodpecker

3/3/2018 | 0

2 male Pileated woodpeckers were foraging and chasing each other in the woods near our home.

Red-tailed Hawk

1/28/2018 | 0

Leucistic redtail which has been seen in the same general area of upstate NY since at least 2013.