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Scarlet Tanager

4/27/2015 | 0

Taken at Peveto Woods Bird Sanctuary in Cameron Parish, Louisiana.

Muscovy Ducks

4/6/2015 | 0

Muscovy Ducklings taken on Easter Sunday in the middle of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

White Ibis

3/2/2015 | 0

White Ibis in flight. The black wing tips show only in flight. Taken at Cameron Prairie NWR on February 28, … Read More

Cinnamon Teal

2/20/2015 | 0

A rare Cinnamon Teal in Southwest Louisiana taken on the Pintail Loop at Cameron Prairie NWR.

Glossy Ibis

2/14/2015 | 0

Glossy Ibis in flight at Cameron Prairie NWR, Pintail Loop. Canon 7D and 400mm lens. Handheld.