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8/22/2014 | 0

Taken on the Pintail Loop, Cameron Prairie NWR, in Cameron Parish, Louisiana.

Cattle Egret

8/22/2014 | 0

Taken on Chalkley Road in Cameron Parish, Louisiana.

Fulvous Whistling-Ducks

8/21/2014 | 0

This Fulvous Whistling Duck and 10 ducklings were found on the Pintail Loop in the Cameron Prairie NWR in Cameron … Read More

Kentucky Warbler

8/14/2014 | 0

This Kentucky Warbler was taking a bath in the Peveto Woods Sanctuary located in Cameron Parish, Louisiana. The Sanctuary is … Read More

Cattle Egrets

8/4/2014 | 0

It had just stopped raining and these Cattle Egrets were a little wet. Taken near Holmwood, Louisiana.

Crested Caracara

8/4/2014 | 0

Taken in February of this year on the Pintail Loop in the Cameron Prairie NWR. There are a lot of … Read More

Black Skimmers

7/30/2014 | 0

Shade Seeker. Taken at Navarre Beach, Florida on July 25, 2014 with a Canon D7 and hand held 400 mm … Read More