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Crested Caracaras

12/11/2017 | 0

Got this photo in central Florida. I like how it shows the difference in plumage between the adult and juvenile … Read More

King Rail

9/4/2017 | 0

We were photographing baby alligators when this King Rail came out and started eating worms from around the mound of … Read More

Black Skimmer

7/11/2017 | 0

Being Cute is Hard Work: Got this while visiting the Black Skimmer colony on Indian Rocks Beach near Clearwater, FL. … Read More

Red-headed Woodpeckers

6/29/2017 | 0

The fledgling Red-headed Woodpecker had to travel back down the tree to get the berry from mom/dad. They are very … Read More

Red-headed Woodpecker

6/22/2017 | 1

I found this Red-headed Woodpecker nest down the street from my house. This was the first time I have seen … Read More

Red-headed Woodpecker

6/4/2017 | 0

A Red-headed Woodpecker is poking his head out of the nest. Found this nest down the street from my house. … Read More