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Reddish Egret

2/3/2014 | 0

A Reddish Egret was landing on a little island that had about 11 other ones on it. I have never … Read More

Wood Ducks

1/30/2014 | 0

This pair of Wood Ducks was sitting on a Cypress stump at a pond just outside of a cemetery. The … Read More

American Kestrel

1/28/2014 | 2

It was nice to see this American Kestrel perched on something besides a stake! Taken at the end of Moccasin … Read More

Great Horned Owls

1/28/2014 | 2

This Great Horned Owl seemed to be grooming her baby. The Owlets hatched approximately two and a half to three … Read More

Sandhill Crane

1/20/2014 | 0

Hundreds of Sandhill Cranes roost at the Click Ponds at night. Right at dawn, they fly out. It is a … Read More

American White Pelicans

1/19/2014 | 2

Two American White Pelicans taking a morning stroll at the Click Ponds, VIera, FL. Taken with a Nikon D7100, SIgma … Read More

Crested Caracara

1/14/2014 | 2

This Caracara was eating along the road side. Moccasin Island Tract, Viera, FL. Nikon D7100, Sigma 150-500 mm lens.

Great Blue Herons

1/14/2014 | 0

Sometimes they disagree on where to place the stick. Great Blue Herons at Viera Wetlands. Nikon D7100, Sigma 150-500mm lens.