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Red-headed Woodpecker

6/22/2017 | 0

I found this Red-headed Woodpecker nest down the street from my house. This was the first time I have seen … Read More

Red-headed Woodpecker

6/4/2017 | 0

A Red-headed Woodpecker is poking his head out of the nest. Found this nest down the street from my house. … Read More

Barn Swallows

5/31/2017 | 0

It was amazing to see this Barn Swallow fly in and feed the three youngsters without perching. She/he flew in … Read More

Snail Kite

5/24/2017 | 0

This Snail Kite was flying off with his prize, an apple snail! Taken from a pontoon boat on Lake Kissimmee … Read More

Snail Kite

5/24/2017 | 0

Photographed this female Snail Kite as she was hunting for, and finding, apple snails on Lake Kissimmee in central Florida. … Read More


2/20/2017 | 0

Stopped by a local Osprey nest on the way home from work today. I got there just in time to … Read More

Great Horned Owls

1/30/2017 | 0

Got this photo soon after the Owlets branched. Taken on the west coast of Florida. Used a Nikon D500, 300mm, … Read More

Common Goldeneye

12/24/2016 | 0

I am posting this in Rarities because it is very rare for a Common Goldeneye to be in the state … Read More