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Least Bittern

9/14/2016 | 0

A Least Bittern from Conneaut, Ohio on 9/4/16. Went up to Conneaut for shorebirds initially and while up there found … Read More

Greater Yellowlegs

9/12/2016 | 0

Greater Yellowlegs taken at first light at the Conneaut sandspit in Ohio on 9/4/16. ~Joshua Clark

Black Skimmer

8/8/2016 | 0

I imagine my expression would be similar to that of the fish if I were in its place with this … Read More

Royal Tern

7/26/2016 | 0

Royal Tern from Indian Shores Florida on 6/22/16. ~Joshua Clark

Black Skimmer

7/25/2016 | 0

Black Skimmer photographed at Indian Shores Florida as a crashing wave hits behind him. Wave looks bigger then it actually … Read More

Northern Bobwhite

7/25/2016 | 0

Northern Bobwhite from Springfield Bog in Akron Ohio on 7/4/16. ~Joshua Clark

American Oystercatcher

7/22/2016 | 0

An American Oystercatcher running through the waves in search of food finds a small shell. 6/22/16 ~Joshua Clark

Black Skimmer

7/22/2016 | 0

A portrait shot of a Black Skimmer that was taken near sunset at Indian Shores in Florida on 6/21/16. ~Joshua … Read More