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Great Blue Herons

10/28/2016 | 0

Three Heron chicks fight aggressively for the first chance at the food.

Bald Eagle

11/5/2015 | 0

This was shot at Harrison, BC – The eagles are gathering and every year up to 10,000 eagles gather to … Read More


6/22/2015 | 0

This Osprey nest has been in use for a long time at Pitt Lake, BC, Canada. There are a pair … Read More

Mute Swan

6/22/2015 | 0

Found this one swan feeding in Pit Addington Marsh at Pitt lake, BC, Canada. This is a great place for … Read More

Eastern Kingbird

6/22/2015 | 0

This kingbird was shot at Cheam Wetlands in Chilliwack, BC, Canada. There was one pair hanging around the wetlands, along with … Read More

Red-winged Blackbird

6/18/2015 | 0

This Red-winged Blackbird was captured at the Cheam Wetlands in Chilliwack, BC, Canada. The shot was with a 150 – … Read More

Great Blue Heron

8/29/2013 | 0

This Great Blue Heron has a favorite roosting place on a barn just next door to our place in Chilliwack. … Read More

Bald Eagle

7/30/2013 | 0

An immature bald eagle that was waiting for the chance to pick up a spawning Salmon at a stream in … Read More