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Red-shouldered Hawk

4/17/2015 | 0

I was walking through the park, as always with my camera, a Canon Mark III. All of a sudden this … Read More

Cedar Waxwing

4/4/2015 | 0

Photo by Carol Gonzalez using a Canon Mark III with a 100-400 lens. Which was so necessary as these birds … Read More

Black Phoebe

4/4/2015 | 0

Even though I have so many pics of the Black Phoebe I always shoot the pic when I can because … Read More


4/4/2015 | 0

I stumbled on a female Mallard duck with her 6 little babies at a park in Walnut Creek, CA. I … Read More

Belted Kingfisher

3/4/2015 | 0

I have walked through this park in Walnut Creek, CA many times and this guy seems to be a ‘regular’ … Read More

House Sparrow

3/4/2015 | 0

I love to photograph birds inside of trees. I don’t need a ‘clear’ shot because it is natural where they … Read More

Tropical Kingbird

2/26/2015 | 0

When we were walking in the park there was a woman there who was a bird watcher. She told us … Read More