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Common Yellowthroat

6/30/2014 | 0

This male Common Yellowthroat was seen near an old farm pond in Anderson County, Tennessee, over several weeks. I set … Read More

Red-bellied Woodpeckers

6/11/2014 | 0

Two Red-bellied Woodpeckers, a male and a female, visit my yard frequently but I was fortunate to capture this image … Read More

Brown Thrasher

6/9/2014 | 0

I captured this image of a Brown Thrasher at the edge of the woods adjacent to my front yard in … Read More

Indigo Bunting

6/4/2014 | 0

This male Indigo Bunting was singing from a honeysuckle vine in my yard in Andersonville, Tennessee (USA), when I took … Read More