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Hispaniolan Emerald

6/27/2013 | 0

I spent 3 days or so shadowing a grad student’s project on the endangered Golden Swallow in Valle Nuevo National … Read More

Vervain Hummingbird

6/12/2013 | 0

A Vervain Hummingbird (Mellisuga minima) stretches on a perch in Piedra Blanca, Dominican Republic. One of the smallest birds in … Read More

Broad-billed Tody

6/12/2013 | 0

A Broad-billed Tody (Todus subulatus) forages a few feet from me in a cow pasture in Piedra Blanca, Dominican Republic. … Read More

Broad-billed Tody

6/5/2013 | 0

One of my favorite species in the Dominican Republic is the Broad-billed Tody (Todus subulatus). It is one of two … Read More

Hispaniolan Lizard-Cuckoo

6/5/2013 | 0

Another endemic to the Dominican Republic is the Hispaniolan Lizard-Cuckoo (Coccyzus longirostris). It’s large in size, has a long tail … Read More

White Wagtail

5/21/2013 | 0

So I realized that nobody posted pictures of the White Wagtail that showed up in Cabrillo Beach State Park, CA. … Read More

Boat-billed Herons

4/15/2013 | 0

Copalita Eco-Archeological Park, Salina Cruz, MX One of my favorite birds in the Ardeidae family.