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Northern Cardinal

12/4/2014 | 0

I live in northeast Iowa and we have a pair of cardinals that frequent our backyard. I got lucky enough … Read More

Common Yellowthroat

6/22/2014 | 0

This photograph was taken at Sweet Marsh Wildlife Management area in Sumner Iowa. Some smaller birds were hopping around in … Read More

Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

4/10/2014 | 0

Found this female yellow-bellied sapsucker hanging out in our maple tree. She stayed around for awhile eating and sitting up … Read More

Horned Lark

3/14/2014 | 0

I have been seeing a lot of Horned Larks along the sides of the road this winter. It wasn’t easy … Read More

Trumpeter Swans

2/11/2014 | 0

Founds these trumpeter swans resting on the river while traveling through Manchester, Iowa. The picture was taken with Canon Rebel … Read More

Common Yellowthroat

1/14/2014 | 0

Spotted this Common Yellowthroat warbler hopping around in the trees at Pike’s Peak State Park in McGregor, Iowa. I got … Read More

American Goldfinch

1/6/2014 | 0

A goldfinch was sitting in our crab apple tree outside the house this past spring. Used a canon rebel xsi … Read More