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Red-tailed Hawk

12/27/2013 | 0

was photographing owls and I wandered out and around and caught this hawk out and about on a cool brisk … Read More

Eastern Phoebe

12/10/2013 | 0

A slow cold and night with ice all around me, so I walked into an abandoned building and I saw … Read More

Barred Owl

12/8/2013 | 0

the night stalker of the night. A true beauty to see. I took this image in Marianna, Arkansas, a couple … Read More

Red-tailed Hawk

12/3/2013 | 0

When a raptor like the red-tailed hawk lands on the pole close to you, it deserves your undivided attention!! Photographed … Read More

House Sparrow

12/2/2013 | 0

woke up this morning and went to sit on my front porch and of course I had my camera with … Read More

Loggerhead Shrike

12/2/2013 | 0

I was riding around the Moro, Arkansas, area earlier in the year when I saw this little guy taking a … Read More


12/2/2013 | 0

I overall love this bird a lot. It was a quiet and friendly encounter. He was a curious bird as … Read More

Red-winged Blackbird

12/2/2013 | 0

Caught this blackbird calling out to the other birds around him in Moro, Arkansas.