Penguin conservationist to be featured on NBC with Megyn Kelly

6/24/2017 | 0

Gentoo Penguin by Christian Sanchez

Gentoo Penguin photographed in Antarctica by Christian Sanchez

Penguin conservationist Ron Naveen, president of the nonprofit environmental group Oceanites, is the subject of a feature on NBC’s Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly, on June 25th at 7 p.m. EDT. Reporter Harry Smith, together with a film crew, spent 11 days on an Antarctic Peninsula trip with Naveen and Heather Lynch, director of the Lynch Lab for Quantitative Ecology at Stony Brook University.

For 23 years, Naveen has been counting penguins in Antarctica. On April 25th, Oceanites released the first ever State Of Antarctic Penguins (SOAP) report. The report details how the Antarctic Peninsula is the second fastest warming area on the planet, and how some penguins are adapting. Or not. One species, Gentoo, has rapidly increased, but two others, Chinstrap and Adélie, have significantly declined. The question remains, in their struggle to survive climate change, what can penguins teach us that will contribute to human survival?

Naveen is also the subject of a documentary feature film, The Penguin Counters, which is being released on iTunes next week. DVDs will be available on Amazon next month. I saw the film a few years ago at a film festival and can attest that it’s terrific and worth your time.

Be sure to tune in to NBC to hear about Naveen and his important work. — Matt Mendenhall

Watch a preview of the NBC Sunday Night segment

New report documents dramatic Antarctic penguin population loss


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