Four birding hotspots in Ohio, Florida, Nevada, and California

2/23/2017 | 0

Owens Lake, California. Photo by Bart Everett/Shutterstock

Owens Lake, California. Photo by Bart Everett/Shutterstock

In 1917, famed naturalist Joseph Grinnell used these words to celebrate the birds of eastern California’s Owens Lake, pictured above: “Large flocks of shorebirds in flight over the water in the distance, wheeling about, show en masse, now silvery now dark, against the gray-blue of the water.” But by the 1920s, after water diversions and exports, the lake was dry and the birds were gone.

Happily, after more than a decade of work by government agencies and nonprofit groups, the lake is alive once again. Avocets, stilts, and Snowy Plovers nest, and many waterfowl, shorebirds, raptors, and songbirds stop over or winter in the area. Mike Prather, a leading advocate for the lake’s birds, describes it in our April 2017 issue. — Matt Mendenhall

Four birding hotspots

Otto Armleder Memorial Park, Cincinnati, Ohio
Celery Fields, Sarasota, Florida
Overton Wildlife Management Area, Overton, Nevada
Owens Lake, Lone Pine, California

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