Events in NJ, in Canada, and worldwide will make May 14 spring’s biggest day

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2016 International Migratory Bird Day poster. IMBD artwork by Lionel Worrell.

2016 International Migratory Bird Day poster. IMBD artwork by Lionel Worrell.

At right is the beautiful poster for this year’s International Migratory Bird Day. The image was created by Canadian artist Lionel Worrell.

He painted 11 species — 10 that benefit from international agreements, and one that lacked protection and is now extinct (Carolina Parakeet).

Birds on the 2016 poster:

Carolina Parakeet
Kirtland’s Warbler
Southwestern Willow Flycatcher
Canada Warbler
Baltimore Oriole
American Kestrel
Yellow-billed Cuckoo
American Goldfinch
Northern Shoveler
Red-winged Blackbird

IMBD events take place year-round, but the traditional date is the second Saturday in May. What a day that will be!

On May 14, the Cornell Lab will again ask us to help take a one-day snapshot of the world’s birds on its Global Big Day. Last year, 14,060 people from 135 countries submitted 44,173 checklists via eBird, documenting 6,085 species.

May 14 is also the day of the World Series of Birding, New Jersey Audubon’s famous 24-hour competition. Over the past three decades, the event has raised almost $9 million for bird conservation.

And throughout May, birders across Canada can participate in the Great Canadian Birdathon (formerly known as the Baillie Birdathon), which supports research and conservation.

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