Photo of the Week winner: California Condor

1/13/2015 | 0

California Condor ©2014 Ron Mattson

California Condor ©2014 Ron Mattson

Congratulations to Ron Mattson of Sierra Vista, Arizona. He’s the winner of our Photo of the Week Contest for November and December. In mid-October 2014, he took this picture of a juvenile California Condor at Horseshoe Bend in northern Arizona, and we featured it the week of November 3.

Professional photographer Gerrit Vyn was our judge. His arresting photo of a Hooded Merganser appears on the cover of our February 2015 issue.

“I like the condor shot for a number of reasons, primarily related to the story that it tells,” Vyn says. “First, it was shot with a short focal length, which gives us a great look at the bird’s environment and a sense of place. Second, the individual is an unbanded juvenile. For one who knows something about condors, this is significant. It indicates a chick that was hatched and fledged successfully in the wild — a critical step in the recovery of this critically endangered species. The fact that that is happening in the Grand Canyon region is something to be celebrated and is represented nicely in this image.”

Look for Mattson’s photo in our April issue’s “Your View” section.

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