Photo of the Week: Olive-backed Sunbirds

9/1/2014 | 1


Olive-backed Sunbirds ©2013 Lisa Hazell

An adult Olive-backed Sunbird feeds a juvenile in Lisa Hazell’s rural yard outside of the city of Cairns in northern Queensland in Australia. She shot the photo in mid-December 2013 and posted it to our World Gallery.

“We are lucky enough to have open forests around, and the sunbirds often build their nest starting with a piece of string hanging off our verandah,” Hazell tells us. “The progress of the nest building is quite amazing. The final intricate part is a little roof over the opening.

“The male and female birds continually came and went during the whole process, and were unperturbed by our presence. It was such a delight to watch both the babies come out and fumble around with the mother and father close by.”

She used a Nikon D7000 with an 18-300mm lens.

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