Photo of the Week: Northern Gannets

8/25/2014 | 0

Northern Gannets ©2014 Charles Gangas

Northern Gannets ©2014 Charles Gangas

A pair of Northern Gannets stand face to face, bills pointed up in a bonding ritual on Bonaventure Island in eastern Quebec. Subscriber Charles Gangas took the photo in July with a Nikon D3s and a 300mm lens.

Bonaventure Island, a provincial park in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, is home to one of six major gannet colonies in North America. According to the Canadian Wildlife Service, the island hosted 47,800 breeding pairs in 2011.

Gangas stood only about five meters (16 feet) from the birds he photographed. Tens of thousands of gannets were packed into an area of only three to five acres. “What was most striking to me,” he says, “was the noise the birds generated, a constant ruckus of avian interaction the likes of which I’ve never experienced before.”

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