Photo of the Week: Western Grebes

8/11/2014 | 0

Western Grebes ©2014 Joshua Galicki

Western Grebes ©2014 Joshua Galicki

A young Western Grebe rides on its parent’s back on a prairie pothole in central North Dakota. Joshua Galicki shot the photo in mid-June and posted it to our U.S. and Canada Gallery.

Galicki, his dad, and two friends were driving west across the state when they noticed a large number of grebes on the water. They pulled off the highway and parked, and Galicki shot the photo while he stood near his vehicle. He used a Canon 7D and a 400mm lens handheld.

“It was a pleasant surprise for us because our minds were focused on Baird’s Sparrow and Sprague’s Pipit, which we were hoping for later in the day,” he says. “I find the best shots and opportunities for me are most always accidental.”

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