Photo of the Week: Cuban Tody

7/28/2014 | 0

Cuban Tody

Cuban Tody ©2014 Maureen Breakiron-Evans

Gallery member Maureen Breakiron-Evans photographed this Cuban Tody on Cayo Coco, an island off the central coast of Cuba, in March and posted it to our World Gallery.

The tody is endemic to Cuba and its adjacent islands. On the Cuban mainland, it nests in burrows excavated into vertical banks and rotten logs; on Cayo Coco, it excavates burrows in the sand.

“It is a very curious and colorful little bird that followed us around, perching often just above us to see what we were up to,” says Breakiron-Evans. She used a Nikon D7000 and an 80-400mm.

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The birds of Cuba

Contributing Editor Julie Craves explains that trade restrictions have left a 44,000-square-mile gap in our knowledge of the birds that spend their winters in Cuba — including many we call “ours.”

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