Photo of the Week: Eurasian Hoopoes

7/7/2014 | 0

Eurasian Hoopoes ©2012 John King

Eurasian Hoopoes ©2012 John King

An adult Eurasian Hoopoe brings a worm to feed its four hungry chicks in a nest in the Dordogne region of southwestern France. (One chick is partially hidden by the wood of the tree and its siblings.) Gallery member John King shot the photo on his land in June 2012 with a Canon 5D Mark II and a 100-400mm lens and posted it to our World Gallery.

The nest is in an old dead tree that has “cracks, crevices and holes in it ideal for nesting birds,” King says. Hoopoes have nested in the tree all seven years he has lived on the property.

“The nest consists of three entrance holes eight feet up the main trunk,” he says. “The holes then converge into one, extending two feet down into the trunk and then opening up into a cavity, like a cave. The birds return each year almost to the day and feed the chicks spiders, worms, and other grubs and insects. Although they are tolerant of humans, I still use my permanent hide situated at the top of my garden. I have a good view from there and can takes photos in comfort and without causing any disturbance to the nest site.”

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