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5/12/2014 | 1

"Build It and They Will Come" by Bean Friend, BirdWatching Magazine, June 2014.

“Build It and They Will Come” by Bean Friend, BirdWatching Magazine, June 2014.

Taking professional-quality photos — that’s the topic of writer Bean Friend’s popular article in our June 2014 issue, on newsstands now.

BW0614_Cover_171x223His message: You can do it!

And you don’t need to travel to some faraway exotic location, either. You can take high-quality photos right in your own backyard.

As Bean writes, all you need is a backyard bird-photography studio consisting of well-positioned bird feeders, a blind, and the right cameras and lenses.

Setting up a backyard studio is simple and inexpensive. Bean describes how you can do so in 15 steps — ranging from hiding yourself and attracting birds to choosing lenses, minimizing camera shake, even storing your photos on your computer.

He also gives a bunch of helpful hints — about using blinds, creating appealing backgrounds, planting trees and bushes, providing water, using tripods, and naming photo files — and he lists every piece of equipment he uses when taking pictures in his Toronto backyard.

His article made us curious about how YOU take photos. Please show us!

Send us a photo of your backyard setup along with a quick list of the equipment you use to [email protected]. Please include “Backyard setup” in the subject line.

We’ll share the most useful photos and the most helpful hints, either in an article in the magazine or here on our blog. We look forward to hearing from you! — Chuck Hagner, Editor

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