Help us publish a directory of citizen-science projects in our next issue!

4/15/2014 | 1

Bald Eagles at Farmington Bay WMA in Utah by Brent Paull.

Bald Eagles at Farmington Bay WMA in Utah by Brent Paull.

We’re thinking of a doing something new in the next issue of the magazine, and we need your help.

We love eagle watches, bird surveys, loon counts, breeding bird atlases, and other citizen-science projects. (We published a list of 100+ projects in our April 2010 issue.) They’re fun and interesting, they’re a good way to make friends, and they’re a superb way to advance bird conservation.

Trouble is, we hear too often that birders don’t hear about many worthy projects, including some taking place close to home, or that they learn about them too late to join. We’d like to change that.

Here’s how: Twice a year, we want to offer our readers useful, up-to-date lists of bird-related citizen-science projects. And we want to start in our upcoming August 2014 issue.

Please help us!

If you know of a bird-related citizen-science project taking place at any time between August 1 and January 31, please send an email to us at [email protected].

Please include the following 7 pieces of information:

1. Name of project
2. Name of coordinating organization
3. Start and end dates
4. A brief description
5. URL
6. Name of a contact person
7. Contact person’s email address and phone number

We want to promote your project!

We’ll use the information you provide to prepare an article that we’ve scheduled to run in our August 2014 issue. That’s our next issue. Deadlines are approaching fast. Please don’t delay.

We will publish another article, listing projects taking place between February 1 and July 31, in our February 2015 issue.

I look forward to hearing from you! — Chuck Hagner, Editor

View our 2010 list of 100+ citizen-science projects.